What is the French Tech Tour?

The French Tech Tour, co-organized by Business France and Bpifrance, allows you to boost your preparation to the American market. Fine-tune and validate your launch strategy in 2 weeks what would normally take you more than a year.
Why participate in the French Tech Tour?

Launching your company in the American market is demanding and request a lot of preparation to succeed. In 2 weeks the French Tech Tour will help you validate your go-to-market strategy.
How long is the French Tech Tour?

The onsite program itself is 2 weeks long. However the preparation will start right after the selection to work on your positioning, value proposition and pitch, so you will be prepare to face potential client at your arrival.
When and how to apply?

The deadline to submit your application is June 23rd, 2017. The application form is available here. The application materials include: a questionnaire and marketing presentation. We will also expect you to submit the official order form («bon de commande ») with your application in order for it to be accepted; your application will only be accepted once we've received the order form.
Can I reapply to the program?

Of course you can, and you probably should! Although competition is though – we can only select a small percentage of applicants – we see a lot of companies growing over time, improving their product, fine-tuning their business model, and getting more market traction. We hope that you are one of them, and that 2017 is the right time for you to launch in America.
Can I apply if our company or founders are not from France?

As a French government supported program, and because there are enough amazing tech startups in France, we only accept French incorporated companies.
How much is it?

The application sign-up fee is 50 euros (tax not included).

If selected, the program costs 6 800 euros (tax not included) – application fee is deducted from the program's cost.
Should I be concerned about disclosing business data in my application?

If you don't feel comfortable sharing some of your business data, don't. Yet remember our jury does need to have the clearest vision of your company's potential while evaluating your application therefore we strongly advise you to share as much details as you can.
Can I apply for both tracks of the program?

Although these two destinations could be in your long-term plan, each one has its own pros and cons and in order to succeed in your development, we strongly advice to focus on one market at the time. This is why we ask you to apply to only one of our two tracks, and concentrate your efforts in that specific area.

Your choice may be driven by factors such as (geographical) market potential, concentration of industry players (your competition, your partners, your potential investors, etc,) as well as more practical reasons (costs, competition, etc.). However, do not hesitate to contact us if you need some guidance before applying.

How will the participants be selected?

A jury of experts (VCs and successful entrepreneurs, all based in the area you are targeting) will select companies based on predetermined criteria. Evaluation criteria include: overall description of your U.S. plan, management team behind the project, product and its features, product's references (clients, strategic partners, investors if you have any).
Do I need to be there for the entire program?

Yes. We are committed to you and expect an equivalent commitment towards the program. Thus, you are required to spend 100% of the program duration with us (it's not so bad … we promise!). We've found that this is the best way to make the most out of the numerous business, learning, networking and mentoring opportunities provided by the French Tech Tour America.
What if my company does not get selected?

Not being selected does not mean that we do not want to work with your company. We receive a high volume of applications and our jury selects the ones they believe will most benefit from the program, at the time being. We work with over 200 companies every year and should you not be selected for the French Tech Tour America, we are eager to discuss other options for potential collaborations.
What financial responsibilities do participants have?

The program includes transportation from New York to San Francisco and from Toronto to Montreal (limited to one seat per company).

Otherwise, participants are responsible for all personal costs not directly related to the program: transportation, housing, and all costs of developing their company's business in America.
Are there any aids for funding Impact?

Because of our status and partnership with Bpifrance, we are able to offer this program at a great price and well below its actual cost.
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